EBINA Onsen Land - Block A




Land Area:  1,710 ㎡ (approx 517 tsubo)     

The Ebina hotel is famous locally for the fanastic quality of it's piping hot onsen water.

The owner of Ebina is now offering to sell his land holding behind the Ebina hotel and is prepared to supply the land with onsen water so that dwelling built there can have the same Ebina hot spring water pumped directly into their homes.
A capacity study has been conducted and the current pump will allow onsen to be supplied to 3 more residencies as well as Ebina.
If the pump is upgraded, the water supply will be much greater with potential to supply many dwellings.

The owner is happy to split the 3,043 sq meter block into 2 equal parts and sell them individually.


Property Address

397-11 Aza-Niseko, Niskeo-cho, Abuta-gun